ærtist: BEARCAT
+ tw: @B_E_A_R_C_A_T

⋇ C H A R G E D ✜ U P ∽ S A N D Y ✜ S P E A K S ★

skin blue ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰ like the water they drowned in ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰their now bones now rested ⥰⥰⥰ finally ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰ some bones still shackled ⥰⥰⥰ but ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰ rested ⥰⥰⥰ no longer in service ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰ in the soft pillows of the ocean ⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰⥰ resting

[poem: MAPS]