rec-on : feminist sonic technologies

{exhibition space} ★ fluid ~~~~ list~ening § sonic methodologies ⟿ original sound works ⇝ by "sonic activists" ♥ musicians ≋ sound artists ∅ audio workers ∰ researchers ⥷ high⋰ light ⊹ re~flect ⋇ amplify ∽ s ✜ {founded 2020} ✦ fascilitated by poemproducer ⥰ 2024 ✺ as part of ⇻

Bhavisha Panchia threshold of listening

Kavita Krishnan on fascism

Ayanka, Shim & Bhaskar Keithel - Manipur

Vietnamese crews weassemblage

talk on Aida Touma-Suleiman

Mary C & AGF eastfloc tour diary

andra amber nikolayi 'being from the east'

Lucia Udvardyova easterndaze: counterpoint - Marija, Olesia & Rebecca

{about} a radio essay

Syma Tariq partitioned listening

Khamoosh collective collective listening

workshop 'sound days' Liepaja song as technology

Katarina Gryvul reverie

Khabat Abas bombshell cello

Sunaina Arya Sati

Anna Engelhardt sabotage

Wasiq Silan ⇻ am I indigenous enough?

ASARA ⇻ her safe space

aylu strike/huelga/streik/lakko!

background & processes ⇻ explained by AGF

Lindatumune Nyono Mudimba BaTonga EXIST!


Sunaina Arya dalit feminist theory

collective ⇻ calling out!

Lin Ha verbindung - dấu chấm - connection

Alyana Cabral soil matris{x}

colectivo lastesis ⇻ #lastesis

Anto_nie ⇻ gossip

BEARCAT charged up - sandy speaks

Becky Lyon ⇻ phytophonic geographies

AGF ⇻ insisting to remember

meira asher artist portrait

sea is the new land ⇻ dispossession from the sea

Sukitoa O Namau ⇻ artist portrait

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