w 彡 Lucia Udvardyova ✿ aka ► PALMOVKA IG

⟿ feminis† sonic technologies *

Lucia writes: Music, art, care, love, precarity, resistance, activism, geopolitics. Life. Conversations that flow through various channels, through mouth or keyboard, that inspire me profoundly, that I cherish more than anything else, even though physical encounters are scarce, the thought traverses distances and geographies. This audio piece is a collage made of three conversations I had with three artists whom I admire for their tenacity, talent and kindness. Rebecca Salvadori, a filmmaker based in London, with whom we've kept an almost ephemeral, lucid dialogue ever since I interviewed her few years ago; Marija Balubdžić, aka Umbra, with a beautiful voice and personality, based in Belgrade, whose album we released with our now fairly sleepy Baba Vanga label; and Olesia Onykiienko aka NFNR, a musician and activist from Kyiv, whose tireless work I've been admiring deeply. It is not a coincidence all of them are women - I'm a woman too - and as much of an ambivalent relationship I've had with my gender and its ramifications throughout my work/life, the camaraderie between women is something that has become very special to me in the last few years.