recon ⟿

recon is an experimental \ as in experimenting / short audio format ★ as part of rec-on.org ⟿ 1min sound files ⇝ sum sound ♥ audio twitter ⥀ with aim to inform, clarify ⥇ reach body + mind sonically ⥅ to understand something more clearly ⥻ a subject ⥿ BUT a complex or hidden issue is not to be understood in 1 min ➘ that is why each recon episode is accompanied with a .pdf reader ⤿ follow up resources and materials ➥ recommended by the recon network & anyone who wants to add to it ⟿ follow us to see the project grow ⥉ the recon network is applying for funds to commission more recon episodes Ω 2020 will be curated and fascilitated by ✦ AGF aka poemproducer ⥰ future editions will be curated by the recon network ↹ we develop a new quantum! ✺